Sister Tiah Bicklely

Sister Tiah Bicklely

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Training & Learning

July 2, 2011
Hello Family,
How are you guys doing?  Hope all is going well.  I know that I just wrote you guys but I wanted to tell you more.  I was chosen to be one of the senior companions in my district which was cool and today I saw a sister missionary that I went to Kindergarten with.  It was so cool because I recognized her from somewhere and she recognized me so we started talking and realized that’s where we knew each other.  It was funny, but exciting at the same time. HAHA.  I grow each day and the spirit is much stronger as we become better missionaries.  Role play is hard for me, but right now it has been great and helpful.  I have learned things that will help me to teach the people rather than teaching a lesson more.  President Harold B. Lee said, “The most important of the Lords work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes.”  I feel that to be true here at the MTC.  Working with your companions and your district and learning from one another helps us become better missionaries and have more confidence in ourselves.  The classes maybe long, but what we are learning here at the MTC is going to benefit us when we are officially in the field.  Without the training that we receive here we would definitely struggle and our experiences probably wouldn’t be as wonderful as we hoped.  We are so blessed with great people that care about us and want to teach us the best way possible.  I love it here so much and I’m glad that I chose to serve a mission.  I want you to know that I love you guys so much and that I know that this gospel is true with all my heart.  I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel to its fullest.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet today who leads and guides us.  I have a testimony of the atonement and how great of a blessing it is in our lives that we have the opportunity to repent and be forgiven of our sins.  I know that the scriptures are true and that if we take the time to ponder and study them we will blessed and receive revelation.  They have helped me a lot while being here at the MTC.  I have a strong testimony of missionary work and know that this is where I need to be right now.  I hope that I can bring others unto Christ and allow them to receive the blessings.  I love my Savior so much and I love you guys lots.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 
Love Sister Bickley

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