Sister Tiah Bicklely

Sister Tiah Bicklely

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spiritual Experience

July 15, 2011  

 It was a lot of fun hosting the new missionaries and helping them feel welcomed here.  It reminded me of the link leader program that I did back in high school and the support that they received.  It was a great experience.  Thank you for the skirts. It would be easier to send it to my Texas address because I leave on Tuesday.  Thank you so much; they will be helpful in the field. [Symbol] I can’t wait to be in the field and help others come unto Christ.  I have learned so much about how to teach and about myself and I feel prepared to enter the field.  I did have a very spiritual experience the other day with my investigator.  (See prior letter) The investigator felt the spirit so strong and felt the love for him and felt that it was best to get baptized early.  I knew that he would be blessed and that his family and Savior love him so much.  It was just amazing and I wrote it in my journal right after the visit.  Did you send the family photo through email? Because if so, I haven’t seen it yet and haven’t received in the mail.  Thank you for sending me one though.  I bet you have been busy with the wedding plans.  How is that going?  I can’t wait to see pictures of my beautiful sister on her wedding day.
Everything is going good with my companions.  We are having a good experience and learning lots from each other. That is so cool that Ariana is coming along with her swimming and loving it.  I can’t believe that she can do the breast-stroke, back stroke, and the butterfly.  That is amazing and tell her that I am proud of her and I wish her the best during her meet.  Garrett—that busy boy!  Glad to hear that he has so many friends to play with and keep him active.  Glad to hear Loren is enjoying being 18 and away from home and having a job.  I’m not surprised that Loren has been out late (LOL), but at least it good stuff.  I am so glad to hear that Jacob is excited to go to the temple with the ward and likes doing the work.  I am so happy for him and can’t wait to hear from him.  I think about him every day.  Well, I love you all very much and glad to hear things are going good. Love and talk you soon!
Love Sister Bickley

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