Sister Tiah Bicklely

Sister Tiah Bicklely

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Hello Dad,
It has been great hearing from you guys. Thankyou for the box, I loved Ariana and Garrett's cards. They made me cry and smile with joy. I love them so much and miss them. Yesterday I had an amazing experience where my testimony of the Holy Ghost grew. We told one of our investigators Mark for the last time and we had committed him to be baptized and he said yes and then we set a date. He said that he wanted to get baptized in three months because he wanted his family to be there and at that moment i blanked out and so i said a prayer to help guide me in what to say. During the prayer I got emotional because the Holy Ghost touched me in a way that i couldn't explain. At that moment I began to speak from my heart and tell Mark how i felt in that waiting for 3 months was not a good idea because satan will try to tempt him and it will be easier to fall away. I also told him that his family would be pleased with him in making this decision and that his Heavenly Father will be with him and support him even though his family couldn't be there. I testified to him that being baptized now he would be blessed. It was an amazing experience that testified to me that if we allow the Holy Ghost to help us we will be blessed and miracles will happen. Overall this has been a great week and we leave the MTC on the 19th and i get to call you guys when im at the airport early in the morning. Mom asked if she could put some of my letters on the blog and that is totally ok with me and thankyou for getting a list of address together for me. Can you guys do me a favor? when Tiffany gets home tell her that I love her so much and that i will write her a letter in a couple of weeks. Tell her Congradulations and that she will be a beautiful bride, amazing wife and mother. I am glad to hear that everything is going great back home and i cant wait to call you guys. Love you and miss you guys lots. I have grown so much in the last 3 weeks. Hope to hear from you soon. LoL if you respond use dearelder LOL!!!
Sister Bickley

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